Drunk In Public Picking Up Litter




Safety is front of mind for every event.  We will be promoting responsible drinking, looking out for each other with partners ("accountabilibuddies") and safety observers.  

We will also be providing safety equipment (gloves, pickers, etc), a meal and plenty of water before and during the event. We will be leaving our gear outside so as not to dirty service areas, and we will also have food and ride services available after the event, as needed, for our participants. 

The inaugural event was funded by some neighbors. We will ask hosts to pick a charity and recommended donation for each DIPPUL event, to keep the costs low.


We're glad you asked!


"It is ones most utworth endeavor to clash; whilst dealing amongst trash" (Emily Post, 1902) 

Neon and reflective material is great! When you're seen, you're safe. Come wearing bright colors and loud outfits that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Try to strike a balance between preventing skin-to-trash contact and breathability.


We will provide latex and latex free gloves, but feel free to bring your own gloves if you'd like. Sharing is caring, and we will recycle any leftover gloves for future events.

Bring a friend, or more! 

We will be using an "account-abili-buddy" system during the event. We ask that people join in groups of two or three and join larger groups of 10 or more, with a "safety observer". If you have a friend who would like to attend sober, we will be providing them with a complimentary DIPPUL bag along with food and beverage. 

If you would like to bring a dish or donate food, the more the merrier. Please send a message and let us know what you are planning. We will also plan on serving brats and burgers during events, and if you have other dietary needs we will try to accommodate.


We found DIPPUL equipment on the internet, and we will be providing all of the gear for the event including "DIPPUL" sticks, bags, and carts.  

We also recommend sun screen and bug spray. Neither dangers have been seen in months, but we will be prepared when they return. If you have allergies or other safety concerns, please notify us (via the Contact form) and your safety observers on how we may best assist you prior to the event. 


Absolutely! That is very generous of you!

We found our equipment by Googling "trash picking sticks" and "trash bags with straps".  

Some "grabbers" are in the $10-40 range. For safety reasons, we recommend sticks that "grab" rather than "stab". 

The bags that we use go for $30. That said, we feel the more crafty among us can figure out a way to fashion a reusable trash bag made from available materials that meets the same purpose. If you come up with a good one please share it with us, so we can spread the word or some pictures. We'd much rather see creative ways to solve this problem so we can keep costs low in the future.

The main reason to have a separate bag is for solo picking and bagging.  It is much easier to have a bag that is always open, and has a shoulder strap (compared to a hand carrying a plastic bag that has to be opened).  

"The litter that is never created, is never consumed" (Isaac Newton's 4th law of Trash)

If one person is bagging and another is picking, you can save a lot of materials; so don't be afraid to team up and reduce overall consumption.


Bring your fun, neighborly faces and a safety mindset! A little cash wouldn't hurt as well in case you would like to support the local bars providing drink specials. (Or is that perhaps a donation for future DIPPUL events? Why thank you! You are so kind!) We appreciate your gratitude almost as much as your presence.